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Adventure awaits upon setting sail out of Newport.


Newport Harbor

The mouth of a harbor is a place of excitement for boaters. Those heading out to sea are looking forward to adventure. Those returning are relaxed and happy—they’ve made it home safe and sound, and they’ve hopefully enjoyed their time on the water. Robert Rose captured one such moment as he left Newport Harbor on this spring day aboard one of Oasis Senior Center’s sailboats. “The boats are taken out by members almost every day for day sails and, on occasion, for overnight sails along the coast or to Catalina,” Rose says. “We often see whales, dolphins, sea lions or other life.” This shot was taken just before the boat reached open sea. “The end of the jetty marks the mouth of the harbor and represents a boundary between what is safe and the sea, which is wild and free,” he notes. “It’s a moment of expectation just before the jib is unfurled, the motor is turned off, and the wind fills the sails.” And the adventure begins.