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Kids’ Choice

A former Billabong creative talks about the Mini & Maxi of her children’s line.

It’s a simple fact of life: Kids love to draw. It doesn’t matter if there’s a piece of paper or a blank wall in front of them—the world is their canvas. So when Sophie St. Onge began planning the launch of her children’s clothing line Mini & Maximus (miniandmaximus.‌com), she decided to include kids in the creative process. “After all, they’re the ones wearing it,” says the former art director for Billabong’s snow apparel division. She incorporated the drawings of her daughter Sasha, then 4, into the graphic elements of the togs she designed.

Today, the Orange County-based line sports not just Sasha’s drawings (she’s now 6), but her 3-year-old brother Lennox’s handiwork, as well. “We use drawings by kids from all around the world,” St. Onge says. “I’m creating 50 percent of the graphics, and the rest comes from kids and a few other artists.” The whimsical collections—which boast monikers like Shaka Muchacha and Booyah—have become a celeb-mom fave. (Gwen Stefani’s tykes have been spotted in the brand.)

The fall collection, dubbed Los Banditos, touts a lineup of tees, pants, hoodies and blankets in hues of Army green, dark blue, red and black. “We’re featuring anti-bullying tees to help encourage positive behavior,” she adds. And everything’s made of organic cotton. Graphics are printed with water-based ink. And tags are manufactured from recycled paper. “We’re as eco-friendly as we can possibly be,” says St. Onge. “It’s for our kids.”

Warhol on Wheels Ask the folks at the ubercool Bel Bambini ( kids’ store in Costa Mesa what the stroller of choice among the mod crowd is, and they’ll likely point to Bugaboo’s newest line of carriages, which are getting a pop artist’s punch by the artwork of Andy Warhol. Priced from $1,000 to $1,500, the chic and contemporary collection of baby movers boasts classic 1960s prints and showcases Warhol’s playful vision. The buggies are offered in two abstract patterns-Flowers and Cars-for Bugaboo’s three most popular stroller models (Bee, Chameleon and Donkey, in case you didn’t already know). Flowers flashes bright red and black bursts of floral shapes, and Cars sports a more subdued palette of black and white graphics-perfect for daddy’s day on the town with his baby boy. Now those are some classic wheels.