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Lashing Out

In the blink of an eye, Barbara Rattigan became the queen of the lash scene.

Barbara Rattigan is lashing out in the beauty biz.

A craving for creativity compelled Barbara Rattigan to leave the finance industry six years ago and launch a beauty career. At the time, eyelash extensions were a growing trend, and Rattigan saw a relatively untapped market as a supplier. The eye-opener: She had no knowledge of the products. But that didn’t stop her. First, she founded Shavasana, now a top resource in the lash industry. Next came Lotus Salon and Spa (, a one-stop beauty shop. Her latest endeavor: LashSpot Spas ( It’s dedicated to the eyes, with a lash bar and brow services. Here, Rattigan shares a look at her world.

First things first: What’s the newest trend in lashes? The big trend is what we call the tapering effect. Moving into spring we should start seeing really sexy, Brigitte Bardot-kind of lashes. We use a technique called tapering to create this look. It’s ultra-sultry, very natural.

Will we see more LashSpot Spas popping up? We’ll be expanding in Orange County organically, and we’ll be looking for franchisers very soon in other states to build the business.

How about Shavasana—anything new happening? The launch of our semipermanent mascara is happening in March. We have a whole new line of products and educational programs. It’s a nationwide launch, and we’re very excited to get it out.

Let’s talk Lotus. What inspired you to combine all the female “rituals” under one roof? People don’t have time to be running all over town for their beauty upkeep. We make it really easy by offering everything in one salon, with the best beauty team in the industry.

Most requested services? Cuts, extensions, color, highlighting and balayage. We do a lot of corrective color. We also have a lot of people come in for blowouts. Wedding season can get crazy in here.

Your favorites? At Lotus, I love the balayage. The hair is painted on with color, and it looks like I just got home from a sun-drenched vacation. And I treat myself to a blowout once a month. I pick the busiest weekend, get an amazing blowout, and I’m good to go the entire time. No washing; just throw in a little product. The third day after my blowout is my favorite because the hair is so malleable and styles so easily. And, of course, I cannot live without my lashes. I’m a bona fide lash junky. I am not a makeup girl. I keep it super simple: tinted moisturizer, gloss and lashes. I feel polished, pretty and professional.

OK, so what’s next? At Lotus, we’re launching a new series of seminars on beauty and health. We’ll be inviting some of our favorite health gurus to spread the word on how to improve your skin and hair by bettering your health, and we’ll be teaching practical classes on how to boost your beauty regimen at home. The first class will be on how to get a salon blow-dry at home. Wine always provided.