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Making Waves

Sean Hunter Brown’s ( been surfing since he was a kid, but it wasn’t until three years ago that he started photographing his favorite spots for riding waves. That hobby turned him into a professional photographer, known for his otherworldly images of glassy waves, with slices of Laguna Beach as backdrops. Now, his photos are on display at the Sawdust Art Festival. Here, Brown’s own take on his art.

Photographer Sean Hunter Brown

What’s your favorite time of year for shooting? The fall and winter—the light is good, the air is clear of haze, and there are fewer people in the water and on the beach. Tell me about the first time someone paid for one of your photos. I was getting prints made, and the manager of the store offered to buy one—totally caught me off guard. Laguna’s always in the background.

What do you find so enchanting about this town, in particular?
 Its beauty of course, but its soul is what really does it. It still has that feeling of an old California beach town.

On a day with perfect waves, would you rather be surfing or shooting? 
I battle with that all the time. If the conditions are right, I go shoot. But it’s tough because I love surfing.