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Raw Talent

Hailing from a clan of creatives, Gianna Giannulli forges her own brand of artwork.

Designer Gianna Giannulli’s love of jewelry and nature meet in her g2g line.

While the most famous of the Giannullis may be Mossimo (as in the wildly successful clothing designer), the family has no shortage of creative talent, including a sculptor patriarch and a designing daughter—Gianna. While she may be Mossimo’s younger sis, Giannulli has created a jewelry collection under the name g2g Designs (, and now she shines all on her own. We caught up with the Corona del Mar native and found all that glitters isn’t (necessarily) gold.

Have you always loved jewelry?
Yes! My mom used to call me a gypsy because I was always dripping in it. She’d sit with me and open her jewelry boxes, and tell me stories about each piece and where it came from. And now, I love doing that with my own daughter.

How’d you get into design?
It was a hobby at first. Then people would see me wearing my pieces, and they’d want to buy them. It just morphed into what it is today.

Describe your collection.
I like to think of it as boho-organic, timeless pieces that you can wear every day. I handcraft each piece, so everything has a very organic feel. I love shimmer, but I also like the more subdued hammered look and the layered feel you achieve when using different textures in a design.

What inspires you?
Nature, the colors of flowers, the ocean, which is why many of my pieces are in turquoise—it’s a stone that I find makes people happy. I also do a lot of yoga and love the peace that it brings to me, so I use charms with ohms to pass that feeling along to others.

What other materials do you like to work with?
I use gold, diamonds, silver, deerskin, elk skin, seashells, lava rock, wood, agate, geodes—almost anything, really. I enjoy the raw factor of what I do.

Did growing up in a creative household influence your style?
Yes. My whole family is extremely creative. My brother is, of course, awesome. So is my father. He’s an incredible sculptor.

We know you have a celebrity following. Is there an A-lister whom you’d love to see in a g2g piece?
Angelina Jolie—she has the cool, confident edge to carry any of my pieces off beautifully.