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Elizabeth Hargreaves and Paddi Sharifian left their desk jobs to nurture their inner creative goddesses, and they discovered the Garden of Eden in the process.  

Glam design duo Elizabeth Hargreaves and Paddi Sharifian

Pyramid ring in 18K matte gold with four half-carat triangular diamonds, $8,500


Antique French white sapphire bracelet in silver, circa 1910, $5,600

Gal pals Elizabeth Hargreaves and Paddi Sharifian took an unexpected creative detour from their professional careers—Hargreaves from law and Sharifian from advertising—so they could try their hand at jewelry design. The fruit of their labor? Rock of Eden (, a cool collection of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants inspired by an unlikely duo: rock ’n’ roll and The Bible’s Garden of Eden. Their creations can be purchased from their online store, which also carries rare vintage pieces. We sat down with these purveyors of baubles for a chat about all that sparkles.

Your jewelry really ties into fashion in a big, new way… H: Original jewelry and antique jewelry are a form of art appreciation in a lot of ways. Historically, there are many periods of jewelry that shape designs today.

What’s your inspiration? H: It could be a shape, a color palette, a piece of architecture. Right now we’re loving various shades of ballet pink and loosely structured leather jackets, as seen on the Paris runways for fall. This influenced our latest collection of spike earrings and pinks, which work for spring, summer and fall.

And there’s a piece that benefits the families of Sandy Hook Elementary? S: We wanted the jewelry to be part of giving on a larger scale. We can’t do colored wristbands forever!

Why do you think women love jewelry so much? S: We see jewelry as modern totems that keep us connected to memories and experiences. H: Egyptians wore jewelry before they wore clothing. It evokes feelings of power and happiness—just like ancient times, really.

Some pieces are vintage and some are modern and edgy… H: We love the concept of juxtaposition. I used to scratch my head at the Louvre set amid the amazing, Old World architecture. Now it makes perfect sense to me. The glass pyramid was the only way to balance it all and make a modern statement—the ultimate in juxtaposition.

Any personal faves? H: I love the pyramid diamond ring. It took a year from start to finish. The design is modern and edgy, but still timeless. It’s my little Louvre.