Stunt Man

Modern designer Hing Yeung is ready to give the world a thrill. 

Hing Yeung

Hing Yeung may be the hottest designer you never heard of. Operating out of a loft in Santa Ana, Yeung’s simple, trendy style has generated a long list of clients, including global heavyweights such as Volkswagen and Swiss Army.

You wouldn’t know it, but for five fashion seasons, Yeung has been the designer behind the popular line of Lego shoes. And this spring, Hot Wheels will unveil a children’s footwear collection designed by Yeung that sports an outsole that features engine parts and the brand’s flames. His versatility can also be seen in one of his latest projects—a furniture line he’s creating in collaboration with craftsmen from Indonesia. “I love the Old World craft mixed with a modern concept,” says Yeung, whose international style comes honestly. He was born in Hong Kong, raised in Holland and worked in Belgium, England and Germany, where he helped relaunch Adidas’ Originals collection.

In 2004, Yeung started his own design company, Hong Kong Stunt Team. “I wanted a name that represented my Chinese heritage,” he says. “I started to think about what were the coolest things coming out of Hong Kong.” Here’s how he describes his firm: “Pure emotion. It’s what one experiences when witnessing a well-executed stunt. The same thrill and risk ring true when delivering original design that evokes a powerful reaction.”

In his spare time, Yeung—who’s married with two kids—rides fast motorcycles, drives a vintage car and travels to exotic locales. (He recently drove an off-road bike through the Himalayas.) Not that he needs a lot of time off. “I get to do what I like and make a living doing that,” he says. “I love that our skill is to capture a space in time and emotion, and turn that moment into an object.” 

Yeung’s Hots
Dakar Rally, dim sum, Zaha Hadid (“an incredible architect”), Bali, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

Yeung’s Nots
Guns, another reality TV show, Bobs shoes by Skechers