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Stylist Says…

We’ve got the word on O.C.’s hottest fall trends, straight from the region’s top fashion expert.

Stylist Deborah Keillor

She believes style should be effortless. That everyone looks great in black, charcoal and navy. And that you can never have too many pairs of black pants. “I have more than 40 in every style, shape and fabric imaginable,” says Deborah Keillor, who’s dressed many of Orange County’s well-heeled fashionistas, as well as celebs like Julia Roberts and Rob Lowe. So when it came time to decide on what to keep, what to toss and what to buy for this season’s wardrobe, we turned to Keillor, who gave us the scoop on what’s trending.

First, we want to know what fall trends you absolutely love. The balance between old and new has given fashion a whole new attitude this season. I love the rocker-chic look, and you only need a small dose to give a classic style that vibe. You’ll see leather, chains, studs, lace, bold prints, fur scarves and nouveau-punk influences like zippers, grommets and spikes, and some plaid and vinyl. I also like the ’40s-inspired trend—glamour meets sophistication, with tailored looks and feminine detailing. Suiting is nipped at the waist. Sexy satin and slinky velvet dresses have just a bit of tailoring around the top.

Let’s talk color… I’ve never seen so many interesting shades of berry, red, pink and blue. And O.C. tends to like color, so it’s a great season for us.

Every fall, dozens of fabulous cool-weather fashions come out of New York and Paris. How can we pull off these looks with our warm climes? Designers have given us a plethora of options, including lightweight fabrics for mild-temp regions. You’ll see rounded, curved and sloped silhouettes, especially with Lanvin, and all lengths in outlandish colors, like cotton-candy pink, blood-red orange and a range of eccentric blues.

Who does it best? Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chloé, Burberry, Michael Kors, Lanvin and Fendi.

Are there carry-over trends from seasons past? Leather, fur and shine are back. I think Orange County women welcome these components. They add rich, modern sex appeal to any look.

Any trends we should burn at our end-of-summer bonfires? Anything neon!