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The Hit List: Taste O’ the Irish

You’ll get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with these inspired takes on Irish fare—lucky you.

Dublin 4

1. Irish Stew
O’Malley’s on Main is an Irish pub through and through, and when we come here, we like to warm our bellies by spooning up a bowl of the stew. It’s stocked with hearty chunks of beef, carrots, peas and potatoes. 140 Main St., Seal Beach, 562.430.0631

2. Irish Cider
Jameson Irish whiskey and housemade, all-natural apple cider are poured over a single ice cube and topped with a sprig of thyme in this crisp concoction on the menu at Three Seventy Common. We’ll drink to that! 370 Glenneyre St., Laguna Beach, 949.494.8686

3. Corned Beef and Cabbage
A list of the best Irish dishes in town must include this traditional meal—and the preparation from the Golden Truffle’s Alan Greeley takes us over the rainbow. He house-cures his beef and serves it with parsnip, rutabaga, potatoes and Guinness mustard. 1767 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, 949.645.9858

4. C1 After Hours
Chapter One’s seasonal sip is a story of cultural fusion, beginning with the restaurant’s co-owner, Jeff Hall. Jameson whiskey—representing Hall’s Irish heritage—is combined with Branca Menta, an Italian digestif that’s considered a favorite of the staff and in Argentina, co-owner Jeffrey Jensen’s home country. There’s ginger beer, which is brewed daily using locally grown ginger root, and a splash of absinthe to conclude. 227 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, 714.352.2225

5. Cottage Pie
Ah, Dublin 4: You satisfy us with your unique takes on the culture’s cuisine every time, and this creamy, rich pot of goodness is among our favorites. The ingredients? Dry-aged ground beef and roasted garlic aged cheddar mash. It’s simply sublime. 26342 Oso Parkway, Mission Viejo, 949.582.0026