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Stenn Parton and his father plan to give Lido Village a new look.

Stenn Parton aims to bring the luster back to Lido Marina Village.

Stenn Parton remembers Lido Marina Village as Newport’s crown jewel—a buzzing waterfront destination full of high-end restaurants and retail shops. (Jewelry by Mardo occupied a prime spot there for years.) “My brothers were competitive surfers,” notes the Santa Barbara native. “We’d always go down to Newport and surf 54th and 56th streets, and attend the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.” Each trip included a stop on Lido Isle. But the jewel has lost its luster, and Parton and his father (who work for the same firm that gave Surf City’s Bella Terra its makeover) aim to bring it back. You may have noticed some activity already taking place, and by this time next year, Parton says, the village will once again “be a pinnacle of coastal luxury.” Here’s how they plan to do it.

You and your dad work together for a company named DJM Capital Partners—tell us about that. There are three partners—my father, Lindsay Parton, is one leg of the stool, and alongside him are John Miller and Eric Sahn. My father and I primarily focus on retail development and retail curation. We have Pacific City in Huntington Beach, which will open in the third quarter of 2015, and Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach a little before that. Working side by side with my father—it’s a dream come true. Let’s talk Lido. Is this going to be a complete transformation? We’ll be upgrading the buildings, courtyards, streets, boardwalk, marina—everything. The only building we won’t touch is the historic Elks Lodge. Our aim is to preserve the charm and history of Lido Marina Village while adding modern vibrancy. 
We’ve spent two years carefully constructing the DNA of Lido Marina Village. We talked to members of the community for their input; we analyzed the local market; we leveraged our expertise in upscale, specialty retail development; we tapped into trends; and we brought together an all-star team that has deep roots in the local community. Will we recognize it when it’s done? Absolutely! It’s rare to have a project that has an innate charm and sense of place. We want to preserve that charm and build upon it. We’ll bring in the best shops, eateries and concepts. We’re paying homage to an era in Newport Beach that everyone loves and remembers. Classics are always cool!