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A photographer captures a calm in the long-awaited storm.


The Children’s Pool, La Jolla Cove

A big storm brought a much-needed downfall to drought-stricken California, with sheets of rain drenching part of the state and big waves hitting our shores. While surfers were lured out by the roiling sea, so too was San Diego shooter Alexander Kunz. On this gloomy day, the professional photographer decided to set up his tripod with a long exposure that would “render the water silky and smooth.” “Seeing so little real color, I went for a stark black-and- white rendition with high contrast to cut through the enormous haze created by the ocean spray,” says Kunz, who concentrated his lens on this patch of La Jolla beach protected by a seawall. “The ethereal calm of the image is almost surreal, especially given the conditions it was made in,” says Kunz. “The sheer amount of whitewash from the big waves helped to create the desired effect nicely. Soon after, heavy rain began again. In an abstract way, and by the long-exposure technique, the image shows the calm inside the storm.”