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“It was a beautiful dance and it was fun to shoot because there were a lot of leaps and it was so dramatically lit,” says Adam Taylor, the official photographer for Dancing With the Stars


CBS Studios

This episode, as part of the Spotlight Performance featuring challenged individuals, included San Diegan Brilynn Rakes and her fave pro, Derek Hough. The 17-year-old was born with conditions that caused her to become legally blind, but it never stymied her love of dance. “She was just amazing,” says Taylor, who has shot nearly five seasons of the live show. He says it is an immensely physical job, running around the stage with a pack of 14 live cameras and a jib. “I’m almost doing a dance while I physically try to get the pictures,” says the L.A.-based shooter. “That’s what’s been so great about the show—to be able to capture the motions and emotions of the dancers and hit all the beats and not get run over by the cameras while I’m doing it. When they move and get the hair going, there’s just nothing like nailing those big jumps.