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Most people come for the classic summer boardwalk fun and (of course) the rides at San Diego’s beachfront amusement park.


Belmont Park

S.D. photographer Timothy Donovan, armed with two cameras, set out to capture the buzzing scene of historic Belmont Park when he stumbled upon photography gold. “I was walking along when I saw The Blaster,” says Donovan.

One of the newer rides at the park—known for housing one of the West Coast’s last original roller coasters, built in 1925—The Blaster’s giant pendulum swings riders 120 degrees in both directions, reaching heights of 60 feet. Dizzy yet? The seats also twirl.

“I have a new superwide lens and I knew exactly the shutter speed to capture the pendulum swinging up in the late afternoon sunlight,” says Donovan. Mission accomplished.

“It’s a very dynamic type of image with the palm tree counterbalancing that man-made object.”