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Dynamic Duo

The Mattson 2 return with a new jazzed-up, sun-soaked album and a Tokyo-tailored aesthetic.

Mattsons’ Hots: Eddie Harris’ jazz, El Dorado’s moscow mule, The Casbah, Conrad Prebys Music Center, Craft & Commerce

Mattsons’ Nots: Overdubbing, surfers who take themselves too seriously, rhinestones

“Something innate to our sound is our telepathic connection,” says Jared Mattson, the older (by eight minutes) of the musical twins behind the Mattson 2.

Over the past few years, the Leucadia natives have taken the SoCal music scene by storm with a cool-as-ice jazz-rock sound that broods with salty swagger and polarizing grooves. And their look, recalling the glory days of smoky jazz clubs, is taking bespoke one stitch further, thanks to Japanese mod tailor Taishi Nobukuni.

This spring, 28-year-old Jonathan (drums) and Jared (guitars) will release their long-anticipated sophomore album, Agar. The latest collection is heavily influenced by everything from San Diego surf jams to psychedelic jazz—and, as their eccentric engineer John X Volaitis terms it, “twinchronicity.”

As if their ESP weren’t enough, both recently received their MFAs from UC Irvine’s integrated composition, improvisation and technology program—how’s that for brotherly love? But the real magic, according to Jonathan, is the crowd reaction when traveling past these cool SoCal shores: “I remember one guy told us, ‘Man, you guys sound like elevator music on steroids.’”