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Forever Young

This Coronado native takes the concept of senior pictures to a haute new level.

Ari Seth Cohen

Old is the new young thanks to Ari Seth Cohen, the sharp shooter behind Advanced Style (, a blog gone big-time that’s devoted entirely to stylish senior citizens he sees on the NYC streets and party circuit. Cohen certainly has a way with the ladies. There’s his amazing sense of style, his multiple TV appearances to plug his book, also called Advanced Style, and the fact that everyone from Vogue to Vice is singing his praises. Still, more often than not, he just ends up doing damage control. “Some are frightened and try to walk away from me,” says Cohen, who often spots these women from blocks away and deftly tries to play catch-up. “And, you know, they’re in their high heels and in their 80s.”

Inspired by his beloved and oh-so-fashionable grandmother who was the head librarian at the Chula Vista Library, he mostly shoots ladies in their timeless togs. “Fashion is different from style and a lot of these women could care less what’s in fashion or a particular brand,” says Cohen, a huge fan of Brit/S.D. designer Zandra Rhodes. “It’s about how they carry themselves and how they’re still so passionate about life.” The site became a viral sensation—soon TLC’s Stacy London was tweeting at him and GQ was banging on his proverbial door. All this led to a coffee-table book (now on its sixth printing) and a recently released coloring book (from “ages 1 to 100,” jokes Cohen). Plus he just wrapped Advanced Style, a documentary film. But Cohen insists his career highlights are connecting with his subjects. “One of the best moments was when a woman came up to me with her walker. She had always been ashamed of it, but now she decorates it with lace and stuff. I just loved that.”

Oh, Ari, always the ladies’ man.

Cohen’s Hots
Sally Thornton, O.B. antique stores, nail art at Pizazz Salon, Forsythe Jewelry in Coronado

Cohen’s Nots
S.D. public transportation, lack of seasons, plastic surgery, wearing flip-flops to dinner