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Just in time for summer, we get the bare essentials from the juice queen, La Jolla’s very own Diana Stobo.

Raw food guru Diana Stobo recently returned to her native La Jolla from San Francisco. “San Diego is really finding itself,” she says.

Diana Stobo can talk juice all day.

Or make that all night, when she adds a dash of tequila to her cold-pressed pineapple jalapeno elixir. “Everyone needs to alkalize their party scene,” she laughs. Her nightlife advice: “Make your cocktails with organic fresh juice.” Having just wrapped filming on a juicer infomercial for Time Warner (it will air 20,000 times this year on channels like QVC and Discovery), Stobo has made an international name for herself as a raw food enthusiast turned motivational speaker. Fifteen years ago, as an obese pastry chef, she changed her own life when she got “naked,” cutting out foods that were weighing her down, from sugar to wheat. It’s the philosophy behind the cookbook series (Get Naked Fast, Naked Bliss and others) and the ethos that she shares with hundreds of corporate behemoths, from Lululemon to Cliff Bar, who enlist her to motivate the troops. “When you clean your body, you clean your mind,” she says. “I have three children and I’m almost 50 but I feel like I’m in my 20s.”

Stobo arrived early to what is now a booming trend from L.A. to N.Y. Starbucks recently bought a cold-pressed juice line, and locally, nightlife impresario James Brennan started his own, which is rumored to have been bought by Odwalla. One foot into Stobo’s La Jolla home near Windansea Beach, and it’s clear this is no trend, but a way of life. Her son arrives from school clamoring for a green juice, there are fresh-cut slabs of organic watermelon piled high on a platter, and bowls are spilling over with mangos, lemons and more watermelon. “Do you know it’s nature’s Viagra?”

No, actually, we did not.  

Stobo’s Hots
Be Beaming in Del Mar, Peace Pies in Encinitas, Casa de Luz in North Park, Dr. Young’s Ranch in Valley Center

Stobo’s Nots
June gloom, double tall mochas, chicken and waffles, saving for retirement