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Ju/Ke is the latest for a growing foodie empire.

Duck confit with pickled mustard seeds and spicy greens at the new Ju/Ke in North Park, the latest from Juan Miron and Kevin Ho

A food truck put them on the map. And though that trend will go down as one of the biggest to sweep S.D.’s culinary scene, Juan Miron and Kevin Ho say they don’t think of themselves as trendy. “We’re forward-thinking in everything, even our style,” says Miron, one-half of the duo that launched MIHO Gastrotruck in 2010 and that has now followed up with Ju/Ke. The hip eatery, found inside North Park’s Bottlecraft bottle shop, is one of the first in S.D. to mine the shop-in-shop, er, trend. “But we still like to keep it classic.”

Style pervades the friends’ and partners’ growing list of ventures, which also includes catering company The Vetted Table and a new cocktail service, Please and Thank You, a collaboration with bartender Nate Stanton of Consortium Holdings (Craft & Commerce, El Dorado, etc.). The look of each enterprise is considered as carefully as the menu. At Ju/Ke—where diverse Mexican- and Asian-influenced dishes like grass-fed beef brisket with guajillo-cashew hot sauce, or roasted tofu bimbimbap, are unified by spice and big flavor—the tone is set by their logo’s Japanese brushstroke calligraphy. Clean-lined wood counters define the eatery’s minimalist space, and staff will soon sport indigo neckerchiefs, a la Japanese chefs. It’s a specific but timeless look. That’s a comfortable aesthetic combo for Miron, who grew up in Tijuana but sported preppy blazers as a student at St. Augustine’s in S.D. “I’ve always liked the private school look,” he laughs.

So what’s next? Ju/Ke blends letters from Juan and Kevin, and MIHO is a mashup of Miron and Ho. “We’ve still got our middle names left to go,” laughs Ho.