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We check in with the reality star-turned-(gluten-free) girl about town.

Tenley Molzahn

When she’s not teaching pirouettes to orphans in Africa, Tenley Molzahn is building her brand in Encinitas. The beachy beauty, instantly recognizable from her fan-favorite stints on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, has turned a lifelong gluten intolerance into a popular food and lifestyle blog, Tenley’s Sweet & Free Life.

“I just started making recipes,” says Molzahn, a dancer who once played Disney’s Ariel on tour in Tokyo. “They tasted good and I felt good. It wasn’t a sacrifice.”

The paleo lemon bars and gluten-free pizza do look delicious, but the real eye candy is Molzahn, who recently went back to school for nutrition. Now certified, she plans to offer one-on-one health and life coaching via Skype.

Molzahn—last to be eliminated on both highly rated reality shows—was wallowing after a breakup, when her little sister forced her to attend a Bachelor cattle call. “I never thought I’d make it past the first night,” she says. She’s still friendly with hunky pilot Jake Pavelka.

She did find romance on Bachelor Pad with fellow contestant Kiptyn Locke. The two dated for almost three years before breaking it off. “He’s still a very special person in my life,” says Molzahn, hinting at the possibility of a future plot twist.

Less hush-hush? Her love for humanitarian work. This summer, Molzahn flew to Malawi with Kusewera, an organization that empowers kids through creative and active play. She’s also involved in Kids Korps and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, to name a few.

Back in Encinitas, the Oregon transplant blends right in. “Even if maxi dresses go out of style, they’ll always be in style for me,” laughs Molzahn, who stays fit with yoga and standup paddleboarding.

“It’s so good here I don’t want to leave!”

Molzahn’s Hots
Blended Industries in La Jolla, Lofty Bean in Encinitas, Yoga Tropics, Hotel La Jolla

Molzahn’s Nots
Laziness, not picking up after your dog, the lack of AC