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Why Are Palo Alto's Kids Killing Themselves?
Diana Kapp | May 22, 2015


Along the quiet, manicured streets of Palo Alto, million-dollar ranch homes twinkle with tastefully strung holiday lights. In one of the front yards, groups...

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The Money Shot
Anna Roth | May 22, 2015


The dessert looks like a beehive. Its conical swirl of torched vanilla chiffon hides a knob of caramelized pineapple ice cream, the curlicues of coconut-caramel sauce that radiate from its center beckoning all to behold the...

Soon, all this will be something else

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Could Really Tall Buildings Near Market Street Solve All Our Problems Forever?
Scott Lucas | May 22, 2015


The Planning Director for the city of San Francisco just broached an interesting idea,...

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SF Magazine Editor Half-Ass Scott Is Running for Mayor
Half-Assed Scott | May 22, 2015


Let’s put a rest to the speculation. It’s true. I’m running for mayor of San Francisco....

Ron Conway

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Ron Conway, Marc Benioff, Sean Parker, and the Warriors Just Funded 101 Homes for Veterans and Low-Income Families
Scott Lucas | May 22, 2015


San Francisco residents have, unsurprisingly, a bit of a love/hate...

Glen Canyon Park

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How to Fill Every Waking Moment of Your Memorial Day Weekend
Scott Lucas | May 22, 2015


It’s a three-weekend—and that’s wonderful. But don’t let all that power go to your head. Making the most out of our free time...

Rodney Strong concerts

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There Are a Million Winery Concert Series This Summer. Here’s Almost All of Them.
Ian White | May 22, 2015


Wineries now define themselves as much by the experiences that they offer as they do the wines they make. Some wineries...

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The Young Blue Line
Adam L. Brinklow | May 22, 2015


Read more Smart City coverage here.

The fifth-grade girl seems unsure of herself at first, but when her...

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Smart Cities: Shepherding the Voiceless
Lauren Seward | May 22, 2015


Read more Smart City coverage here.

Of San Francisco’s 800,000-plus people, a...

Seared foie gras at Haven.

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Rapid Reviews
Rebecca Flint Marx, Sara Deseran, and Josh Sens | May 22, 2015


Jack London Square
Following a quick reboot, Daniel Patterson’s Oakland restaurant has a new family-style...

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