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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

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The Benioff Doctrine
Jon Steinberg | April 22, 2014

On February 12, Daniel Lurie was anxiously awaiting the birth of his second child when he received an unexpected phone call. Suzanne DiBianca, the executive director of the Salesforce Foundation, was ringing to find out if...

Two women pass one of the Tenderloin's colorful murals.

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The Tenderloin's Spring Awakening
Randy Shaw | April 22, 2014

Despite dot-com booms, housing bubbles, and the post-2011 tech-driven economy, new investment has long avoided the Tenderloin. In...

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Up All Night With Big Alma and Mom Chung
Lauren Murrow | April 22, 2014

The men and women working for contractor Barnard Impregilo Healy have a 25-minute commute to work—not bad for the Bay Area. Unlike your ride, however, theirs begins in a “launch box” and ends...

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Warriors Abandon the Waterfront (Sort Of)
Scott Lucas | April 21, 2014

Multiple media sources are reporting that the Golden State Warriors have abandoned their controversial plans for a waterfront stadium and have replaced it with—wait for it—a waterfront...

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Decoding That Bizarre Willie Brown Column Defending Leland Yee
Scott Lucas | April 21, 2014

In Sunday's Chronicle, former Mayor Willie Brown ...

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The Breakfast Sandwich to Chase Away Your Monday Blues
Rebecca Flint Marx | April 21, 2014

A good breakfast sandwich is mere morning sustenance, but a great breakfast sandwich is equal parts affirmation and art form.

And it looks and tastes precisely like...

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Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Smut Peddlers
Scott Lucas | April 18, 2014

"We want to come off as friendly, approachable, and not sleazy," says David Beaulieu, the editor-in-chief of Belle SF....

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Hurry Up and Buy Robin Williams's Napa Mansion
Scott Lucas | April 18, 2014

Fresh off the reports that he may yet appear in a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire (Our suggested titles: For a Few Doubtfires More. The Doubtfire Supremacy. A Good Day to Doubt...

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