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No Chickpeas, Please
Josh Sens | August 26, 2016


Azhar Hashem was raised in Jordan but moved to San Francisco in her teens and spent seven years as a marketer at Google. During that time, she came to the conclusion that the food that she’d grown up eating...

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Silicon Valley's Big Head Dons Velcro Suit to Hawk Coffee Soylent
Caitlin Harrington | August 25, 2016


The opening sequence of HBO’s Silicon Valley...

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How to Dismantle an Atomic Power Plant
Scott Lucas | August 25, 2016


2016–19 PG&E will develop a decommissioning proposal for the California Public Utilities Commission that will update the cost estimate and map how to tear down the plant....

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Inside the New Art Studios at Minnesota Street Project
Lauren Murrow | August 24, 2016


Last year, painter Brion Nuda Rosch went on a months-long crawl of Bay Area art studios, spending a total of 250 hours meeting with 100 local artists. As the...

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Design Calendar: The Week in Sales, Openings, Events, and More
Lauren Murrow | August 24, 2016


August 24
Check out the new 2,600-square-foot...

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Affinities: En Garde on Balboa Street
Lauren Murrow | August 24, 2016


See all the Affinities photo shoots here.


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The Good Wife
Ian A. Stewart | August 23, 2016


Despite her horde of loyal Instagram followers, her major book deal, even her bright eyes and radiant smile, Ayesha Curry doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Certainly not in the same way that her globally famous husband,...

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San Francisco Magazine Is Hiring a Design Director
San Francisco magazine | August 22, 2016


San Francisco magazine is seeking a creative, resourceful, fast, flexible, low-drama, low-ego, high-sophistication design director to join its...

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The Best Places to Eat When the Burners Leave Town
Caitlin Harrington | August 22, 2016


While a subset of San Franciscans decamp to the Black Rock Desert next week to cake themselves in dust and ...

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Where Have You Gone, JT LeRoy?
Rebecca Flint Marx | August 22, 2016


The first time I met Laura Albert, I had almost forgotten who she was. It was June 2014, at a pop-up kosher restaurant in SoMa. “Do you remember JT LeRoy?” our mutual...

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Hothouse Flowers
Lauren Murrow | August 19, 2016

Far East on Eddy Street
Earlier this year, artist Caroline Smith and builder Sunny Simmons took a research trip across Japan, along the way soaking in more than a dozen traditional bathhouses—called onsens...

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The Fire Last Time
Walter Thompson | August 18, 2016


Griffith and Oakdale Streets. Tuesday, September 27, 1966, about 2:30 p.m.

It was Indian summer in San Francisco, and Hunters Point, the hilly peninsula in the extreme southeastern corner of the city, was...

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