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An Ironic Earl Grey
Kelly Kimball | July 30, 2015


People are strange. We use finger prints to unlock doors when a key is all we need. We require measuring cups instead of the more liberating "dash" of this-and-that when cooking. We use $79 kindles to read 99-cent "...

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Weekender: For a Rugged Twist on a Winery Town, Head to Murphys
Elise Craig | July 30, 2015


Bay Area road-trippers are always switching between Tahoe, the Russian River, and towns along the Pacific, but if you're not heading east—way east—you're missing out. The...

Meru documentary

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In New Mountaineering Doc, Bay Area Native Goes After the Ultimate Hill
Annie Tittiger | July 30, 2015


What do you get when you combine an unsummited South Asian crag with the Ahab-like obsession of elite climber and Bay Area native Conrad Anker, stunning cinematography by Jimmy Chin...

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Sinister Reads for a Foggy August
Annie Tittiger | July 29, 2015


It’s summer—except in San Francisco, where the shrouding fog makes you want to grab a warm blanket and a good book. And, as luck would have it, three Bay Area authors have penned some dark...

Frances San Francisco

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Walk-In Wonderlands
Sara Deseran and Molly Pierce | July 29, 2015

At a restaurant, the menu and the decor always get all the attention. But, as any chef can attest, the walk-in refrigerator is really the center of the action, its chilly environs a true manifestation of...

Alison Damonte, American Craft Council show, San Francisco

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Design Calendar: The Week in Sales, Openings, Events, and More
Lauren Murrow | July 29, 2015


July 29th
Party for a good cause at the Tipping Point Social, where 100...

rainbow flag history

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The First Rainbow Flag Was Gloriously DIY
Joe Eskenazi | July 29, 2015


In the wake of June’s Supreme Court validation of same-sex marriage, the rainbow flag was everywhere. It was waved by between 1.5 million and 2 million revelers at what was heralded as one of...

Weebly headquarters San Francisco, designed by Huntsman Architectural Group

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The New Home Office
Lauren Murrow | July 28, 2015

A typical employee of web-hosting service Weebly hits the gym each morning, visits the meditation room, and then gets a massage. She showers, changes, and maybe throws in a load of laundry while answering emails. Lunch is on the house, prepared...

Ravi Kapur, Chef of the Year

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Best Chefs Awards 2015
Elise Craig | July 28, 2015

A gymnast turned fine-dining all-star, a pair of lavishly bearded cocktail savants, a chef who mined his upbringing for culinary gold, a former army sergeant who found the city’s sweet spot, and an enterprising empire builder....

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I'm Sammy Hagar, and I Learned to Cook Before I Learned to Rock
Rebecca Flint Marx | July 27, 2015


"I got two of these: my birth year,” Sammy Hagar says, holding up a dusty bottle of 1947 Château Cheval Blanc for my...

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Where to Eat Now: 2015
San Francisco Magazine | July 26, 2015


Eating in the Bay Area is a little like playing an endless (albeit delicious) game of Whac-a-Mole: Every time you check one restaurant off your list, another appears, equally deserving...

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New Sea Level Projections Give Us Sinking Feeling
Adam L Brinklow | July 24, 2015


And now, another update on the vague sense of existential dread lingering over the entire state of California. If earthquakes, fires, drought, and (ironically)...

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