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Davenport Beach

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Day Trip to Davenport
Jenna Scatena | March 3, 2015


For a blink-and-miss-it size town, Davenport packs in a lot of worthy draws. Just nine miles north of Santa Cruz, this tiny town (population 408) is a one-block stretch of wine tasting rooms, restaurants, and bakeries perched...

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Swimming With the Enemy
Andrea Powell | March 3, 2015


Bill Wygant is nervous. Wearing only a Speedo and an open warm-up jacket, the president of the South End Rowing Club paces around the crowded boathouse at Aquatic Park, stopping often to urge on his...

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Adam Theis’s Insane Jazz Marathon
Adam L. Brinklow | March 3, 2015


Composer Adam Theis is a bit of a multitasker: He plays five instruments (trombone, bass, trumpet, tuba, and keyboard), founded San Francisco’s Jazz Mafia, has arranged hundreds...

Chilled fruit cup at Californios

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Four Hot New Restaurants to Try Right Now
Sara Deseran, Rebecca Flint Marx, and Josh Sens | March 2, 2015


Clove & Hoof
At this butchery and...

Mr. Wright, 58.

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The Outsiders
Gary Kamiya | February 28, 2015


It’s 10 a.m. on a bright December morning in North Beach, and I’m walking down the pedestrian pathway east of the new library on Columbus Avenue. Approaching its northern end, I come upon two...

Hendy Woods

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The Best Places to Camp in Wine Country
Ian White | February 27, 2015


While wineries may not take kindly to you pitching a tent in their vineyards, there are a slew of top-notch camp grounds in Northern California’s premier wine regions. Here are some of our...

Fish, non-taco division, at Comal

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Get in My Belly! The Top Things to Eat This Week
Rebecca Flint Marx | February 26, 2015


Judging by the nori puff I ate the other night, we have a lot to look forward to when Aster opens, most likely next month. Said puff was provided as a preview of the...


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The Netflix of ___
Lauren Murrow | February 26, 2015


We’ve become a society of bingers. Inspired by the guilty gratification of House of Cards benders, dozens of startups are copying Netflix’s buffet-style subscription model— one monthly fee,...

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Kids These Days
Sara Deseran | February 25, 2015


My nine-year-old son, Moss, has been exhibiting signs of food snobbery for a while now. The other day, he refused some Jell-O chocolate pudding as if it were beneath him. He lobbied for months to eat at the “real” Delfina...

Windmill in Solvang

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Salvaging Solvang
Jenna Scatena | February 25, 2015


On the outside, Solvang is made for travelers who love kitsch. If the phony replicas of Danish landmarks, cartoonish windmills, and overly cutesy architecture aren’t red flags, the neon 6-person bicycles clogging the streets...

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If a Restaurant is Too Dark, Does it Exist?
Sara Deseran | February 25, 2015


Reprinted with permission from

As someone who...

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