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SFMOMA's New Vertical Garden Is the Largest Living Wall in the United States
Lauren Murrow | April 22, 2016


As you exit the elevators on SFMOMA’s third floor, there’s a change in the atmosphere—a subtle but...

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The Monolith
Gary Kamiya | April 22, 2016


I’m not sure when it hit me. Maybe it was on the sixth floor when I came upon Gerhard Richter’s Janus, a glorious symphony of vivid colors that felt like a cross between a Coltrane improvisation and the...

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Prince in Sausalito: Remembering the Artist's First Album at the Record Plant
Lamar Anderson | April 21, 2016


Back in 1977, before the late, great Prince...

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Still Life with Live Nude Girls
Joe Eskenazi | April 21, 2016


Appropriately for an artist who likes to append his signature with three question marks, the man born David Sean Merkley (aka Merkley or, better yet, Merkley???) has a big secret. Splayed across...

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Snapchat Invents Digital Blackface—and It’s Just as Bad as You Imagine
Zoe Bernard | April 20, 2016


Ahh, 4/20. The perfect excuse to get high on Hippie Hill, check out the...

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Blackbelt Jane: Kim Photogenically Kicks Ass in New Web Ad
Joe Eskenazi | April 20, 2016


One of the more politically applicable lines from The Producers is "When you...

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All the Tinkle Ladies: Let's Stop Fighting Over the Dolores Park Pissoir and Demand Pee Parity Now
Meira Gebel | April 20, 2016


While the Bible Belt is...

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Design Calendar: The Week in Sales, Openings, Events, and More
Lauren Murrow | April 20, 2016


April 20
Stock up on sweet-smelling fragrances and body products at the newly opened Jo...

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Watch Peter Dinklage Flirt with His Wax Double at Madame Tussauds
Caitlin Harrington | April 19, 2016


When winter is coming, you can bet tie-ins are coming even earlier. For Game of Thrones viewers awaiting their annual fix of nudity...

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The Hugh Hefner of Weed Lives in Los Angeles, Throws Wild Mansion Parties, and Calls Himself BigMike
Lamar Anderson | April 19, 2016


Before anyone else can claim the title, a mogul-in-training by the name of Michael...

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Five Things to Know About the Wonderfully Weird James Turrell
Annie Tittiger | April 19, 2016


Get ready for a Caltrain ride: There’s a James Turrell exhibit in Palo Alto. And this one promises to be a doozy. Aside from a permanent...

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SF Port: Embarcadero May Need $3 Billion to Ward Off Earthquake Catastrophe
Graham Hacia | April 19, 2016


With the weekend's earthquakes in...

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