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The Best Places to Eat in SF in 2016
San Francisco magazine | June 23, 2016


Read more Best of San Francisco 2016 here.



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Best of San Francisco 2016
San Francisco magazine | June 23, 2016


In this city, you don’t have to go far to find excellence. But you do have to go a little nuts to pick the most excellent of all. The 285 winners here represent months of sanity-testing research,...

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Progressive Supervisors Exact Small but Painful Revenge on the Chronicle
Joe Eskenazi | June 22, 2016


When you pick up a San Francisco newspaper, you often know what you’re going to get. The Chronicle...

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A Kindergarten Teacher May Be Evicted from Her Mission Apartment. Reason: ‘Using Appliances’
Lamar Anderson | June 22, 2016


One chilly afternoon in March, Michelle Malliett came home to her Mission district...

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San Francisco's Trump Voters Live Exactly Where You'd Expect
Lamar Anderson | June 21, 2016


San Francisco's Trump voters are not a numerous lot. As the ...

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It’s Raining Men-Boys
Annie Tittiger | June 21, 2016


Nothing says Pride Week like a 300-piece boy band. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has taken on the monumental task of singing through the repertoires of American boy bands through the ages—from the Beach Boys...

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Bernal Blaze: Which Businesses Are Back, and Which Are on the Brink?
Kendall Levison | June 20, 2016


Two days after the five-alarm...

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Ancient Stone Carving of Pork Belly Gets Carnivorous Welcome
Anna Roth | June 20, 2016


You know that pork is revered in a culture when it starts appearing in art museums. That’s the case with the so-called Meat-Shaped Stone...

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Magnificent Obsession: Shed
Rebecca Flint Marx | June 20, 2016


I’ve raved about Shed in a past Magnificent Obsession column, and I can’t stop raving because...

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How Painful Was the Warriors’ Defeat? Let Us Count the Ways.
Gary Kamiya | June 20, 2016


The Warriors’ gut-punching, dream-shattering, numbness-creating, forever what-if-asking loss in Game 7 of the NBA finals to the...

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Grand Opening Alert: These Restaurants Are Coming Soon
Rebecca Flint Marx | June 20, 2016


Grand Fare Market
ETA: June
Doug Washington is...

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Are the Warriors Destined for Immortality or an Asterisk?
Gary Kamiya | June 17, 2016


So the Warriors’ season comes down to this. After 5,080 minutes of play—3,971 minutes during the 82-game regular season, then 1,109...

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