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You Can Now Get Your Fog in Vodka Form
Zoë Bernard | May 23, 2016


Alameda-based distillery Hangar 1 is now producing vodka made with fog. Yup, fog. How's it taste? Like vodka! But the process that produced it is not uninteresting, nor is the fact...

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Queen of the Low Tide
Stett Holbrook | May 23, 2016


A few times a year, the moon’s gravity tugs strongly enough on the ocean’s surface to expose vast expanses of beach and reef usually hidden underwater. When these so-called minus tides occur on...

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What’s It Take for Two Women to Get Pregnant Around Here?
Rachel Levin | May 23, 2016


Editor's note: This is one of many stories about LGBTQ life in the Bay Area that San Francisco is publishing over the next month, all part of the June...

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John McAfee Wants You to Vote Different
Scott Lucas | May 20, 2016


This week, the other aging presidential candidate with a constantly fluctuating net worth, hair dyed a color not found in nature, preternatural command of the...

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The Hot Rod of Soundboards
Dan Stone | May 20, 2016


Back in the golden age of rock recording—an era that peaked in the ’60s and ’70s and staggered along like a wounded jackal through the early aughts—this analog Neve console was a star magnet. In...

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Love Wins: The Pride Issue
San Francisco magazine editors | May 20, 2016


“Out Is In” read the headline superimposed over the photo of a young blond funeral director lying supine on a couch. It’s been 15 years since San Francisco...

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To the Bathrooms, Comrades!
Brandon R. Reynolds | May 20, 2016


Editor's Note: This is one of many stories about LGBTQ life in the Bay Area that San Francisco is publishing over the next month, all part of the June 2016 Pride Issue. To...

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‘This Had to Be Done’: Why Greg Suhr Couldn’t Survive Yet Another Cop Shooting
Joe Eskenazi | May 20, 2016


Late Thursday evening, Greg Suhr's voicemail still instructed callers to leave a message for...

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Here’s Everything We Know About the Latest Officer-Involved Shooting in the Bayview
Lamar Anderson | May 19, 2016


May 19, 4:45 p.m.: Mayor Ed Lee asked Chief Greg Suhr to resign today. Suhr agreed and...

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The Power and the Story
Joe Eskenazi | May 19, 2016


When things go well for Willie L. Brown Jr., no one’s the wiser. Advice is requested, wisdom is dispersed, phones are dialed, and appreciable sums of money change hands—all out of view of the...

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How Da Mayor Makes Da Money
Joe Eskenazi | May 19, 2016


Part of "The Power and the Story," on the empire of former mayor Willie Brown Jr., from the June 2016...

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Design Calendar: The Week in Sales, Openings, Events, and More
Lauren Murrow | May 18, 2016


May 18–August 27
View modern and contemporary work by cross-generational artists at the San Francisco Gagosian Gallery...

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