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Grand Opening Alert: These Restaurants Are Coming Soon
Rebecca Flint Marx | July 18, 2016


Fermentation Lab
ETA: Fall 2016
Sam’s Diner owner Jeannie Kim and Bruce Paton, the so-called...

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10 Foolproof Wine Pairings for Summer Feasts
Ian White | July 18, 2016


Whether your grill has seen plenty of action or you’re just dimly aware of the season (thanks, Karl), there are still technically two months left of summer. Which means it’s...

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Showdown in Oaktown: Activists Want to Recall Mayor Schaaf—Libby Says Bring It On
Lamar Anderson | July 15, 2016


On the heels of a grassroots campaign to...

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No Falafel Run Is Complete Without One of These
Rebecca Flint Marx | July 15, 2016


Even in the Bay Area, where the Middle Eastern dining options are not exactly abundant, falafel has become fairly commonplace (good falafel, on the other hand, is...

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Lost in Gold Country
Ian A. Stewart | July 15, 2016


Traveler: Alanna Hale, photographer (and friends)
Vehicle: ’73 Jeep Wagoneer
Quest: In search of sun, swimming, and good company

The best...

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That KKK Flyer May Have Been a Hoax, but the Response Is Pure San Francisco
Emily Stewart | July 14, 2016



Yesterday’s widely blogged-...

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The Pride of Mount Tam
W. Blake Gray | July 14, 2016


Before I tell you about Marin County pinot noir, and why it’s special, and why nobody appreciated it a decade ago, and why it’s fast becoming a fetish for wine lovers in the Bay Area, I want to...

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The Warmth of Raw Steel
Lauren Murrow | July 13, 2016


How can you make 8,000 square feet of raw steel, black concrete, unfinished brass, and exposed pipes feel homey? Well, you can’t, exactly—it’s just too big. But you can retrofit it to...

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Design Calendar: The Week in Sales, Openings, Events, and More
Lauren Murrow | July 13, 2016


July 12–August 13
Purchase fine art and functional objects by painters, sculptors, ceramicists, woodworkers, and more...

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The Hyperloop Lawsuit Is Even More Bonkers Than the Hyperloop
Lamar Anderson | July 12, 2016


The technology behind the Hyperloop may still be something of a mystery, but today the world learned that the underbelly of Hyperloop One...

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The New Broadband Wars
Max Cherney | July 12, 2016


San Francisco may enjoy a reputation as a high-tech Valhalla, but in truth, the city’s cyber pipes, an aging bundle of copper and cable, have reached the physical limits of their bandwidth. At long last...

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A Minority of SFPD Officers Are Responsible for a Majority of Police Violence
Lamar Anderson | July 12, 2016


A small number of SFPD officers account for a large number of reported episodes of use of force,...

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