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Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: I tried the Gold Spike cocktail at Emeryville's criminally underrated... More»


To some, the Google Bus is a symbol of all that's wrong with San Francisco—entitlement, displacement, inequality. But to others—... More»


The San Francisco Bay is home to all kinds of amazing aquatic creatures. Here, and in the slideshow above, check out six of our favorites: ... More»


The Bay Are is getting ready for the longest stretch of rain we've seen all year, which starts today and will continue through the weekend. Today and... More»

An abalone diver in Sonoma County kicks to the surface with his catch.

By the time the Sonoma County sheriff’s air ambulance helicopter reached Cedric Collett in the roiling waters off Sea Ranch, it was... More»


It was only a matter of time before some smart-ass photographer put together a pitch-perfect satire of the cost of shelter in this town. That smart-ass was... More»

The San Francisco waterfront around the turn of the nineteenth century.

San Francisco Bay is clearer than it has been since the gold rush. Its waters are less muddy, and much of the befouling sediment that formerly... More»