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19 Slide Ride (Suffer Meter: 4, Beast Mode) Playgrounds provide unpredictable and dynamic urban workouts. Going down a slide might... More»


WHERE: the Embarcadero, SoMa, Jack London Square, Downtown San Rafael. 7 Bench Hurdles (Suffer Meter: 3, Ass-Kicker... More»


Where: Glen Canyon Park, Presidio, Golden Gate Park, the Dipsea Trail 1 Log Flips (Suffer Meter: 4, Beast... More»


The entire city of San Francisco—sorry, Gotham—was riveted today by the exploits of Batkid, Miles, a five-year old leukemia patient (it's in... More»


Time for a good news, bad news situation. Let's start with the bad news. If you drive to work, your commute times have increased. Trips that took thirty... More»


Jenn Pattee, owner and head trainer at Basic Training, is on a mission to build a... More»


Seems like the only thing everyone is talking about right now is the ongoing (... More»


It's hard to believe, but the recently completed America's Cup yacht racing, despite the toxic combination of controversy, tragedy, and apathy, pulled in... More»


Our city is basically the most picturesque place in the universe. So it's no surprise that tons of movies and TV shows get filmed here. And since the only... More»


Berkeley Kite Festival What: The annual event is back this... More»