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  When she was 17, Vida Ghahremani kissed a man and was expelled from her Iranian high school. That was 60 years ago, before the days of ultra-... More»

Trevor Noah

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Joseph Becker

  For most, “What would you save in a fire?” is a harmless icebreaker. But to Joseph Becker, the 31-year-old... More»


  David Glowacki doesn’t see much difference between hydrogen bonds and the way dancers interact on stage. He may be the only one. He... More»


  On stage, Bernie Schein is an 83-year-old former bookie living in a San Francisco retirement castle, noted for his hatred of yoga, lattes,... More»


  Seventeenth-century Japan: a time of peace, prosperity—and explosive growth in the sex trade? Yup, you read that correctly. This month... More»


  The apocalypse has come and gone, and to keep their minds off the end of the world, a group of strangers huddle in a cave collectively... More»