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  New technology hits the scene and upsets everything. Millions jump on the bandwagon. Fortunes are made and lost. A lot of people get sued. It... More»


  In September 2011, the dissident artist Ai Weiwei was reeling. A few months earlier, he’d spent 81 days under constant... More»


  It was a hot—at least for the city—day in the Tenderloin as five dancers from Flyaway Productions plunged off the UC Hastings... More»


  Cal Shakes, the theater company nestled in the Orinda hills, closes their 40th anniversary season with a new, dance-infused production of... More»


  It's not realistic to dedicate your every waking hour to the surplus of cultural happenings this fall. You have other priorities, like eating... More»


  Noted purveyor of San Francisco values, Full House, could be headed for a television revival,... More»


  Noise Pop—the 20-year old indie music festival—is throwing its ... More»


  Sure, it’s outwardly anti-consumption. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room on the playa for Camelbak cocktails and... More»


  The first 49ers game I ever went to was against the Chicago Bears at Kezar Stadium. My dad took me. It was a December... More»


  Before Litquake celebrates its 15-year anniversary in October (the traditional gift is... More»


  Comedian Aziz Ansari is very funny. You should see him live if you get a chance, and not just watch his stand-up specials or appearances on... More»