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Before Alfred Hitchcock moved to Northern California and became the biggest name in American film, he began his career in England in the 1920s, shooting a... More»


The first weekend of June, teams across San Francisco wrote, shot, and edited original short films in just 48 hours. It's the annual... More»


Lexington and Concord, Gettysburg, the balcony of the Ford's Theatre: East Coast history buffs have all the fun. And while we Californians have our... More»


Continuing what is rapidly becoming his modus operandi, the vaguely pervy, heavy-lidded Palo Alto native James Franco is involved in three... More»


It seemed like such a good idea: I would phone my favorite local writer, Lysley Tenorio, an associate professor at St. Mary’s College... More»


A few days ago, four children—two in fifth grade, two in second—found a cell phone under a redwood tree in their school yard.... More»


Who's up for a little music this weekend? San Francisco's own Director of Photography, Ilana Diamond, is an amazing member of our art team. But,... More»


SFMag GChat Status: Available Google_Intern GChat status: Available SFMag:... More»


This is shaping up to be a good year for Michelle Tea. With the movie adaptation of her sex-frenzied bildungsroman, Valencia coming out in late... More»


Most freshman actor's first film roles are something like "Cheering Soldier in Crowd" (that was Vince Vaughn in For the Boys). San... More»


Rogue Wave The breakout: Their sophomore effort, ... More»