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Bread from ManresaBread

  Before a two-alarm fire shuttered Manresa in July (it’s optimistically scheduled to re-open in early 2015), the two-Michelin-starred... More»


  The past several years have been good ones for the American craft chocolate fan: it seems that every week brings a new company touting its... More»

Braised lamb shanks at Penrose.

  Ever eaten a marsh bubble? Neither had I until I had the good fortune of attending Day 4 of ... More»

A spread at Pink Zebra.

  Fusion cuisine is the food world’s hair metal. Big in the ’80s, it has since been widely dissed as cartoonishly outdated, the... More»

House-made pastries at Arlequin

  The expert: Charles Bililies, chef-owner of Souvla' The picks: ... More»

Beets at Plin

Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House Oakland Happy hour arrives on the half shell at this spiffed-up seafood... More»

Fried grain–stuffed Monterey squid with Tomales Bay oyster sauce at the Progress

  Getting Stuart Brioza to describe what's going to be on the menu at the Progress, the restaurant he and his wife, Nicole Krasinski, are... More»


  Since California's... More»


  Technology critic Evgeny Morozov has made a career of... More»


When the Swedish American Hall and Café du Nord closed in late 2013, they got a new landlord (West of Pecos owner Dylan Mac-Niven), who needed an... More»


  “Hi, everyone!” David Barzelay bellows, his bullhorn-volume greeting aimed at our group of 40 diners. Gathered around two... More»