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Things kick off on January 26 with chef James Syhabout of Hawker Fare and Commis, with... More»


Owner Matt Sturm says Solstice Lounge will shutter in March. Looking back through the... More»


At the end of last year, news broke that the wunderkinds behind AQ Restaurant, owners... More»


The chef team from Broken Record in the Excelsior has moved into new digs, complete with a double-... More»


My week started out sweetly with a delivery of Hey Boo Jam's new caramel, which sounds more basic than it is. In... More»


I know what you’re feeling in that hardened heart of yours: Enough with the cuddly, Kickstarter-funded restaurants, the ones with tattooed chefs, cozy... More»


Just a few blocks away from the freshly minted Hakkasan mega-project at One Kearny, the... More»


I stopped by Trick Dog last night for two reasons. One was to drink. The other, more of a man hunt. Only... More»


Red Dog (SoMa) Chef Lauren Kiino of Il Cane Rosso takes over half of the... More»


Until now, Josiah Baker (his fortuitous birth name) has been a bit of a baking gypsy, his gorgeous, rustic loaves best tracked down by reading his exuberant... More»


IF YOU LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO, YOU PROBABLY KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS CLEANSED. You might even be part of the cleansing... More»


2013 is introducing a few changes. Starting in January, I’ll be working as San Francisco magazine’s editor at large. This new roaming position... More»