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Embarcadero A New Yorker–style cartoon, hanging in a hallway of One Market, shows a well-dressed woman ... More»


Los Gatos Ripples from the Greek financial crisis have yet to reach the economic island of Los Gatos. Witness the... More»


Berkeley To a lonely stretch of San Pablo Avenue that has long been low on umlauts and most everything else, Kai... More»


Sonoma If Alice Waters had had her culinary awakening in Baton Rouge instead of Brittany, she might have created a... More»


North Beach The often resurrected Washington Square Bar & Grill has finally died for good, and Dane Boryta, most... More»


Spend too many hours in front of the Food Network and you come to see a chef’s path as a glamorous journey, kicking off with studies at Le... More»


Ordering a Manhattan earns one instant cocktail cred. There’s something so very Mad Men about that blend of bourbon and sweet vermouth with a... More»


In early 2008, David Kinch, the man behind two-Michelin-starred Manresa in Los Gatos, agreed to appear on Iron Chef America, committing to a ... More»


Late-night drinking is an old tradition in North Beach, a neighborhood made famous by sailors celebrating their return to dry land, and now a group of bar... More»


San Francisco’s food scene has always been globally influential, but the latest culinary exporters are trying to re-create more than just the... More»


Breakfast in the Financial District can be a grim affair, with few options other than lousy plastic-wrapped muffins—or those blueberry-studded rolls... More»