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You've heard San Francisco called the Paris of the West and Baghdad-by-the-Bay. Newspaperman Mike Royko even was once called us the "City of Slim... More»


Remember that George Clooney movie The Descendants? Where he plays the scion of a wealthy land-owning family in Hawaii that wants to turn a major... More»


The cost of rent—at least a small category of rent—in San Francisco went up again—but this time it's being widely applauded by San... More»

The now-evicted Google barge.

When you picture yourself sneaking past security to board the giant floating toaster known as the Google Barge, you picture some Michael... More»


If anybody can afford to live in San Francisco, it's the people who can scrape together enough for a condo, right? We mean, that's the life right there... More»


It isn't just your imagination. That BART car really is more crowded than it used to be. It's harder to get the bartender to notice you at Rickhouse. And... More»

The design for the new tower.

San Francisco: It's for starchitects now. That was the initial reaction to this week's announcement that... More»

San Jose is becoming the pride of Silicon Valley

We've all heard plenty about how San Francisco is turning into Silicon Valley. More surprisingly, a recently-convened panel of San Jose planners and city... More»

Rendering of the 3,100-unit, 15 building, $1.5 billion mixed-use mega-developmen

Even a bubble doesn’t exist in a bubble. As San Franciscans continue to grapple with a dizzying economic and real estate boom, we might find some... More»


Every day seems to bring new and terrifying ways to encapsulate just how screwed up San Francisco's real estate market is.... More»


If you can put together the down payment and qualify for a decent loan, buying a home is one of the best economic decisions you can make. In the long run,... More»


It feels like it's gotten so bad that the only people who can afford to buy mansions here are Danielle Steel and Mark... More»