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In a repeat of protest actions on December 9th, activists have surrounded Google buses departing from Oakland and San Francisco's Mission District. ... More»


Well, this probably won't go over too well with those Oakland City Council protestors. According to a story published in the ... More»

The Atlas robot from Boston Dymanics.

Our corporate overlords at Google have been busy this year. In addition to conquering the sea with Barge, and eyeballs with Glass, they've also embarked on... More»

bicycle safety sf

It’s a typical 6 p.m. scene on Market Street: Buses lumber to the next stop, taxis and cars alternately slam accelerators and brakes... More»

Cleveland Skyline

Dispatches from the SF Culture war is our new, semi-regular scorecard for the Tech versus San Francisco cage match. ... More»


There are so many uncertainties in this world. The content of Aristotle's lost book on comedy. The existence of a tribe in the Amazon with no concept of... More»


George Lucas is one wounded wookie this morning, as his long hoped for museum in the Presidio faced another setback. The head of the National Park Service,... More»


Chatter about creepy members-only associations in town focuses either on The Battery, home of tech's most primped elite, or the Bohemian Grove, where Dick... More»


Dispatches from the SF Culture War is our new, semi-regular look at the Tech versus San Francisco cage match.  Culture Warrior... More»