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The now-evicted Google barge.

When you picture yourself sneaking past security to board the giant floating toaster known as the Google Barge, you picture some Michael... More»


If anybody can afford to live in San Francisco, it's the people who can scrape together enough for a condo, right? We mean, that's the life right there... More»


It's amusing to read the many news stories about Leland Yee's long history of "undiscovered" pay-to-play politics, when in fact, the San Francisco... More»


1. Open-sourcing the ocean Schmidt Ocean Institute, Palo Alto Billionaire Google chairman Eric Schmidt has fashioned... More»


In addition to legal charges of arranging an international arms deal and of selling the services of his office in exchange for cash, Democratic State... More»

Martins Beach near Half Moon Bay

Early on the morning of October 21, 2012, five surfers pile into a Chevy Suburban in Half Moon Bay and drive south on Highway 1. Just past... More»


In addition to arresting San Francisco's State Senator Leland Yee this morning, authorities also took into custody Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a... More»


State Senator Leland Yee, the Democrat who represents San Francisco in the state legislature and is running for California Secretary of State, was arrested... More»


On Sunday night, 18 shots were fired and seven people were wounded in the latest Turk and Taylor shooting incident. The first block of Turk is the most... More»


It isn't just your imagination. That BART car really is more crowded than it used to be. It's harder to get the bartender to notice you at Rickhouse. And... More»