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Lunch Break Link Bait

The fascinating, the important, and the bizarre from our friends on the interweb.

Yahoo Will Buy 'Hipster Blogging Platform' Tumblr For $1.1 Billion: We have a deal for Yahoo. We'll sell you an old shoebox of Polaroids from 1995 for a million or two. What do you say? [H/t: SFist

We Interview Cynar: Because it's what you need on a Monday, here's a conversation with a anthropomorphized bottle of everyone's favorite artichoke-based alcohol. [H/t:SFist]  

Disease-carrying clawed frog found in Golden Gate Park: Those frogs aren't really from here—gentrification strikes again. [H/t: SFGate]  

We Wanna Be Friends With: Phil Jaber of Philz Coffee: He's still not revealing what the secret recipe of Tesoro, though.  [H/t: 7x7]  

Burlingame Restaurant Selling Lion Meat: It tastes like tiger, obviously. [H/t: SF Eater]  

Logic Says San Francisco Must Upzone: The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few: We're waiting for the Bay Guardian to denounce Star Trek's pro-landlord (and pro-tech!) agenda. [H/t: Slate]  


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