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Marina Girl Says on Bay to Breakers Fashion Disasters

From fugly boy scouts to hot priests: Dispatches from our Facebook-famous correspondent.

1. Get this fattie on a juice cleanse, ASAP. He really needs to lose 1.8 tons.

2. Photographic evidence that all gingers stick together.

3. Looks like these fugly boy scouts just earned a highly coveted badge for being a blacked-out shitshow

4. I totally love a hot priest.

5. If a guy's going to be wearing a full-body leotard, it's probably best that he covers his face.

6. Spandy Andy is trying to single-handly start the one-shoulder trend for men. It's not going to happen.

7. This made me cringe and spit out my chardonnay. NOTHING WORSE than a sprayed on 6 pack. Get to the actual gym, btchs. OMG. Die. This is the worst.

8. Really glad to see these girls got an extra wear out of last fall's slutty halloween costumes. Zero points for originality for each of these btchs.

9. Cat faces stuck inside pieces of bread is one of the highlights of the internet circa 2012, but this just isn't really working IRL

10. Clearly someone scored with these tight ends on Sunday.

Even if we don't know who Marina Girl Says really is, we do know she's a voice of reason in this town. Here, she turns her critical eye on some of Bay to Breakers's hottest messes. "I left a rly lame date to rush home and judge these pics for you," she wrote us earlier this morning. To which we responded, "Thx Marina Girl Says, xoxo! PS what were you wearing at B2B?" 

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