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Super Take Out for Super Bowl Sunday

Four ways stuff your face in style—without even leaving the house.

Whether you'll be squeezing into your favorite sports bar or plugging in your new 85-inch TV, there'll definitely be plenty of eating options this Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe too many. So we rounded up four local takeout options so that the only decision you'll have to make is whether you should have another. (We can help you with that one too: yes).

Merigan Sub Shop: While Merigan's isn't usually open on Sundays, they will be open from 12-5pm this week, offering both takeout and delivery (via Eat24). Another thing the shop doesn't usually go in for but will do just this Sunday: wings (!) But truth be told, we're most excited for their extra-large subs. Choose any from their "cold subs" menu and they will make it into a two-foot sub, which feeds about 4 to 6 people, and put it on a wooden plank for you. We recommend the Widowmaker, presumably so named because it includes no fewer than five varieties of cold cut: roast beef, mortadella, salami, turkey, and prosciutto, plus provolone, lettuce, and onion.

Homeroom: Three words. Mac and Cheese. Oakland's beloved temple to cheese and noodles has an extensive menu of Mac and Cheese platters (including, yes, a gluten-free option) in various sizes. (We'll take one each of the truffle mac and the sriracha). They can also platter-size any of their veggie dishes too (steamed broccoli with a side of ranch: they know us too well).

4505 Meats: In addition to their regular sausage and meat offerings, 4505 has created some special Super Bowl-only items like Magic Bacon Bombs (jalapeños stuffed with house made chorizo queso and wrapped in bacon), and smoked chicken wings. But what we're really hankering for are Chicharron Nachos. Yes, we said it: A bag of housemade chicharron chips topped with Mama Cole's chorizo queso and a sprinkling of sliced jalapenos. Oh, yes.

Hi Lo BBQ: The beloved Mission district BBQ joint is going all out for Superbowl Sunday with a package featuring a pound of brisket, a rack of ribs, two orders of sausage, a pound of pulled pork, sides aplenty, and a dozen rolls. It's $175 for a feast for 6 to 8 people; order by 2 p.m. tomorrow. 


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