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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

The third reported fire in a Tesla Model S

The third reported fire in a Tesla Model S 

The Google Barge Will Have Sails: While us internet types busied ourselves with snarky listicles, the Chron's Matier and Ross went on and actually reported something. How 20th century. [H/t: SFGate]

A Third Tesla Model S Burst into Flames: But let's be real, the only reason we don't report it when gas-powered cars go up in flames is that it happens all the time to them.  [H/t: Automotive News

How Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Avoid Paying Taxes on Billions: If you thought the Central Market exemption was high, wait until you see these numbers. [H/t: Mother Jones]

Everyone Is Talking about the Twitter IPA: That's not a typo. [H/t: The Bold Italic]

Lawyer Denies that Ross Ulbricht is the Dread Pirate Roberts: In a way, aren't we all the Dread Pirate Roberts? [H/t: SF Examiner]

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