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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

<p>Your Thursday afternoon link round up.</p>

New York Magazine has all the luck.

My Wild Nights Waitressing at San Francisco's Sex Supper Club: We need pics or it didn't happen. What's that you say? There are pics? Those are them? Oh. Just—oh. [H/t: New York Magazine]

Any Tips For Finding A Hayes Valley Apartment?: Well, to afford one, first you have to be earning the real money. So, we'd recommend taking a job writing for the internet. [H/t: Hayeswire]

Gov. Brown Talks Economic Inequality And Climate Change In SF: We know this is more important, but we kind of miss the days when Jerrry would be on the radio interviewing a Buddhist monk. [H/t: SF Appeal]

Secret Recipe: Mama Chang's Hot and Sour Soup: All of the "bright and peppery flavors" with "none of the gloop." Come on. That's cheating. [H/t: 7x7]

Map: The Sidewalk Biking Offender Registry List: We're more scared of scooter riders than bicyclists, frankly. [H/t: SFist]

Trade Tim Lincecum. Really. Do It.: Blasphemy! But she makes a good case for it. [H/t: Bay Area Sports Guy]

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