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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Thursday afternoon lunch break link bait. 


What the Theory of Disruptive Innovation Gets Wrong: The tl;dr version of Jill Lepore's argument—she wants you damned kids off her lawn. [New Yorker]

Progs Blast Mayor's Housing Plan: Sure looks like that housing civil war might be coming. [48 Hills]

Lawrence Lessig on Why You Should Have Faith in Silicon Valley: "I don't have faith in Silicon Valley because it's Silicon Valley. I have faith in Silicon Valley because of the stage they are at in the innovation cycle of any great industry or any great corporation."   [Valleywag]

New Condos Coming to Desolate Part of Potrero: Nifty. [Socket Site]

A Deeper Look at the Tunnels Under SF: Amazing pictures. [The Bold Italic]

State Bird Signs Cookbook Deal: Frankly, we're surprised it took that long. [Eater SF]

Almost No New Construction Under Way in Oakland: Another reason housing is so expensive right now—Oakland isn't building. [SF Business Times]

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