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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Thursday afternoon lunch break link bait.

The Tamale Lady Rides with Uber This Friday: They are like the Traveling Wilburys of slightly-less than properly permitted businesses.  [H/t: Uber Blog]

Why Are Castro Penises Smiling?: Trust us, it wasn't because The Castro Theater was showing The Canyons last night. [H/t: SFist]

Life After Chuy Gomez: First Dave Morey, then Chuy Gomez. Seriously, without guys like that, what's the point of listening to the radio? [H/t: SF Weekly]

Maldonado for Governor Loses Chief Strategist: Though on paper, Maldonado is a strong candidate, he has struggled in his recent races. [H/t: SFGate]

Cost of SF Housing Expected to Rise at Slower Pace: Well, if it's not going down, at least it's not going up as fast. [H/t: SF Examiner]

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