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Seymore Results & Arlington Worthmore in the Google Bus Song.

Seymore Results & Arlington Worthmore in the Google Bus Song.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: "I went to Penrose—Oakland's newest temple to expensive light fixtures and destination eating—and was very, very impressed: The service was uncommonly, above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty attentive, the food was gutsy but not self-conscious, and the space itself is beautiful. Highly recommended: The lamb (!) tartare, which was expertly prepared and much lighter and brighter than a literal hunk of raw meat should be."

Ian Eck, Editorial Intern: "Dogecoins. The hottest new meme-based cryptocurrency started as a joke, but the weirdness of web virality has once again triumphed in its ability to twist Internet sensations into real world implications. Some big-time dogecoin players and John Candy aficionados recently donated $25,000 worth of dogecoins to the Jamaican bobsled team, sending the value of dogecoin through the roof. Very charity. Much coin. Wow."

Ted Gioia, Editorial Intern: "I haven’t been able to enough of the open-mic comedy night every Thursday at the Brainwash Café and Laundromat. In a four-hour span you see a range of performers from legitimately talented comics to not quite certifiable psychopaths. But if you still need convincing: It’s hosted in a freakin' laundromat with three-dollar beers."

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: I don't care if Jon is using this one too. The Google Bus Song is the best thing to come out of this whole mishegoss.

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: Three words: Google. Bus. Song.


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