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How’s this for a dream: On Black Friday, you skip the stores and not-so-clickable websites to get gifts instantly by touching an actual button. That... More»


In his pre-Seinfeld days, Jason Alexander sang and danced in a McDonald’s commercial about keeping the hot beef away from the cold veggies—and... More»


Just like precious stones, the most coveted plants are often the rarest. Species like Phylica pubescens, Petunia exserta, and Lotus jacobaeus can’t be... More»


Deppea splendens (pictured above) went extinct in the wild in the 1980s, but rare-plant expert Annie Hayes, who’s famous among flora zealots for... More»


Rock star industrial designer Yves Béhar’s latest creation for his company, Fuseproject, may help San Franciscans finally ditch their cars. A few... More»


Does your teapot make you feel warm—on the inside? Or is it so high-concept that it leaves you cold? Chances are, if it’s handmade and... More»


After seasons filled with drapey layers, designers sharpened their scissors to cut precise angles on all of fall’s top looks. More»


No need to haul around canvas grocery totes when you can jam produce into this season's staple: the oversize day clutch. More»


In a one-room studio on the sprawling third floor of the American Industrial Center in Dogpatch, designers Josh and Lauren Podoll recently packaged their... More»


It’s hard to miss Dockers’ Doug Conklyn as he walks down Battery Street in orange or cherry-red slim-fit khakis, a madras blazer, and cordovan... More»


Premiata Ice Gray Leather pump with hand-painted wax, $625, at Downtown, 55 Maiden Lane, S.F., 415-975-4400, ... More»