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Best of the Best in Scottsdale

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Local Wines to Enjoy For Harvest Month in Scottsdale Arizona
Raise your glass to the Arizona vineyard harvest season wrap-up. Fill it with the brightest fruits of their labor.
Aridus Wine Company tasting room in Scottsdale
These are are the best local spots for tippling and sipping wines in the Valley.
Bloody Mary at Bootleggers Modern American Smokehouse
Spicy, smokey and topped with... a cheeseburger? That's right, these restos boast some of the best bloodies you'll ever taste.
10 Best Places for a Guys Night Out in Phoenix and Scottsdale
The hottest spots in the Valley for a guys night out on the town.
Postino WineCafe
Looking to spend an evening on the town with your best lady friends? Hit up one of these wildly popular girls' night hot spots.