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Jet-Set Cocktails
Robin Austin | April 16, 2014

1. Lemonade Provençal
Lavender aromas in this cocktail at Ecco will transport you to the South of France. Citrus-flavored Hangar1 Buddha’s Hand vodka is mixed with...

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Come to Earth
Stephanie Davis Smith | April 9, 2014

1. Georgia Aquarium
The Earth Day Leadership Breakfast on April 16 hosts UGA’s Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, a leading expert in climate change; a corporate green day...

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Passover Perfection!
Stephanie Davis Smith | April 3, 2014

1. Lure
This swank seafood spot is offering gefilte fish, a seafood dish traditionally served during Jewish holidays, on the dinner menu and for pre-order all week....

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A Full Glass
Wendell Brock | Photography by Sarah Dorio | March 27, 2014

As far as wine bars go, this one is like a gentle whisper. It only seats 40 people, and its front entrance is so subtle that it tends to get lost in the bustle of its leggier, full-size sister restaurant next door. The fact that...

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Elizabeth Schulte Roth | March 27, 2014

Eleanor Roper effortlessly embodies that creative panache that comes with a storied career in magazines—Vogue, Vanity Fair, Traditional Home—mixed with the eye of a flawless interior designer who lives to...

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Silk Stalkings
Kate Abney | March 27, 2014

Iconic textile brand Jim Thompson has been the world’s leader in fine Thai silks for more than 50 years. Given this storied history, one might expect New York or L.A. to be the city of...

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Caroline Cox | March 27, 2014


17th Street Bridge

After January’s Winter Storm Leon left tens of thousands of Atlantans stuck in traffic, stranded, and some even sleeping in stores and schools, it wasn...

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Sweet Carolina
Stephanie Davis Smith | March 27, 2014

Songs are written about mountain views like this—lyrics and stanzas about winding roads, deep valleys and quiet climbs up, up, up, until you feel like you’re miles above the clouds.

On a blustery...

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Talking Points
Stephanie Davis Smith | March 27, 2014

On his new show:
Each day begins with the weather. People want to know what it’s like outside. Our new live show, [AMHQ With Sam Champion] is a return to original programming. Now there will be graphics...

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Wren's Nest
Feifei Sun | March 27, 2014

“I’m very traditional, very Southern—to a fault,” says Winter Wren Hodges as he begins to describe his personal aesthetic. Then he pauses and shakes his head. “Wait. Did I really say that? It’s not a fault. The South is my...

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