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The Power Principle
Mike Espindle | July 7, 2014

Jaguar created something of a sensation with the release of the F-Type convertible last year: A sporty two-seater that delivered an appealing and distinctly modern-classic British look. With the release of the new F-Type R Coupe, the game changes...

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Caroline Cox | July 7, 2014


Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

The current state of ballet is changing by leaps and bounds. Touted by the Atlanta Ballet as a contemporary “no-holds-barred explosion of...

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Olive Endings
Jaclyn Turner | July 7, 2014

1. La Tavola Trattoria
It’s only fitting that an Italian restaurant leads the way with not one, but two olive oil-inspired desserts. The Meyer lemon olive oil cake with...

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To Dine For
The Editors and John Mariami, with Lesley Balla and John DeMers | June 30, 2014

Rose. Rabbit. Lie

Don't-Miss Dish Under Feast, plates meant to be shared, you’ll...

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The Road Less Traveled
Paul Rubio | June 30, 2014

Despite being the largest city in Baja California Sur, La Paz—the charming capital city of Mexico's 31st state, located two hours north of Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez, which flaunts a similar sun-kissed marriage of desert and ocean...

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Best in Show
Candice Dyer | June 30, 2014

A good bartender who listens to confidences is one who can also keep them, even while creating a buzz. Asked about his plans for a new sleek pub and restaurant, Greg Best stays tantalizingly mum. We do know this: It will be in the Inman Park area and ai3 is...

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The 50 Finest
The Editors | June 27, 2014

This no-frills, no-holdsbarred, thoroughly unique eatery (a little bit churrascaria, a little bit dim sum, a...

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Water You Waiting For?
Rebecca Terrell | June 23, 2014

1. The St. Regis Atlanta
A relaxing oasis awaits you at this hotel’s spectacular outdoor terrace. Surrounded by a lush landscape and a...

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Take Center Stage
Jaclyn Turner | June 11, 2014

1. Cowgirls
The Horizon Theatre last put on Cowgirls in 1999, but brought it back for the theater’s 30th anniversary season. In the comedy, a group of classical musicians (The Coghill Trio) are accidentally...

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Tentacle Plans
Perrine DeShield and Nikki Igbo | June 5, 2014

1. Osteria Mattone
Fancy Roma fare? Taste an Italian twist on appetizers with this bistro’s signature polpo octopus antipasti...

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