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Men of Style
By Travis Neighbor Ward & Phebe Wahl | March 30, 2015

The Sartorialist
“Since I was a kid, my mother and grandmothers always made sure that I looked the part. They taught me that image was one of the...

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Treats, Not Cheats
By Caroline Cox | March 20, 2015

1. Sprinkles
The next time you’re in Lenox Square and craving a little indulgence, stop by this California-based cupcake bakery for vegan, and gluten- and sugar-free...

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Fine Print
By Phebe Wahl | March 16, 2015

Buckhead-based beauty and The New York Times best-selling author Emily Giffin has been dubbed a “modern day Jane Austen” by Vanity Fair. The busy mother of twin sons Edward and George and daughter Harriet counts an impressive seven...

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Stone Fox
By Caroline Cox | March 16, 2015

“Jewelry is a beautiful way to reflect our true character and identity”—such is the mantra of Atlanta-based fine jewelry designer Ingrid Ysla. Her unique, colorful pieces are handcrafted with...

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Path to Discovery
By Nate Chapnick | March 16, 2015

Land Rovers are engineered to get through even the most extreme elements, whether that’s crawling over a boulder in Moab, Utah, or powering through a blizzard in Lake Tahoe. While many Land Rovers may never ford a 2-foot-deep stream, the...

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By Caroline Cox | March 16, 2015


The King Center

From volunteer groups to special memorial services at churches around the city, there are many ways to celebrate the iconic civil rights leader on Martin...

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A Fine Art
Phebe Wahl | Photography by Amber Fouts & Brian Gassel | March 13, 2015

The moment I open Atlas’ heavy wooden door and enter the seductive space, I am taken aback by the aura of chic coolness that the space exudes. Tucked...

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Market Plates
By Caroline Cox | March 13, 2015

1. Bellina Alimentari
With fresh ingredients, slow-cooked dishes and flavors inspired by Italian cuisine, this PCM newbie touts itself as a “market, eatery and club...

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Broad Strokes
By Phebe Wahl | March 10, 2015

After graduating from the College of Charleston and a stint studying at Central St. Martins in London, Atlanta native Sally King Benedict built a name for herself splashing up the Charleston arts scene...

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Estate of Grace
By Beth Weitzman | March 10, 2015

The monkeys scampering through the trees have no idea how fabulous this place is. But I do. I’ve traveled all over the world and put my head on beaucoup plush pillows in plenty of villas owned by celebrities. But...

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Putting on Airs
By Karina Timmel Antenucci | March 6, 2015

1. Circus Arts Institute
It’s your very own circus act—play on trapeze, aerial silks, tightwire, Spanish web (soft rope) and more at this 60-...

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California Dreaming
By Phebe Wahl | March 4, 2015

“I always loved the fantasy involved with dressing up,” remarks fashion designer Katharine Kidd. Raised in Atlanta with summers spent in Paris, the L.A.-based Paideia and UGA...

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