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Stylists and students at Alpharetta salon and hair academy The Mastery got a firsthand look at the inner workings of a high-end hair-design shoot when Portland, Ore., hair artists The Teals stopped through town for an avant-garde wig-making and photo-shoot workshop.


The Mastery by Esani, Alpharetta

“The mood of the shoot was full energy,” says photographer Tuesday Teal, who travels with the master duo (who happen to be her parents) that teach and put on the hair shows. “The music was blasting—it had the energy of a runway show,” she says. Teal snapped this photo as hairdressers touched up the model’s mane to make it camera-ready. Making eye contact at the perfect moment, Teal lifted her camera and motioned to the model to stay focused on her. “I love how strong her hair and wardrobe are,” Teal adds, “and the combination of all three really moves me when I look at this shot.”