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Wren's Nest

Winter Wren Hodges continues his influence on Southern fashion and design with a new Atlanta boutique.

Hodges’ Hots: Golden retrievers, tradition, Crown Royal and 7 Up, travel, Japan, seizing the moment, calves, thank-you notes, Ole Miss football

Hodges’ Nots: White shoes before Easter or after Labor Day, low-rise pants that sit too low, misuse of subjunctive mood, pushy salespeople, ankle socks with dress shoes, not tipping

“I’m very traditional, very Southern—to a fault,” says Winter Wren Hodges as he begins to describe his personal aesthetic. Then he pauses and shakes his head. “Wait. Did I really say that? It’s not a fault. The South is my home.”

That’s no understatement for the Tennessee-born retailer, who grew up the son of clothing manufacturers. After working alongside Christopher and Tory Burch in New York City, Hodges now splits his time between a Roanoke, Va., home (the setting of legendary Christmas parties with performances from stars like Harry Connick Jr.); flying back and forth to Houston to undergo chemotherapy treatment (he’s a two-time cancer survivor back in the fight again); and the Virginia-Highland neighborhood where he just opened his latest store, Winter Wren.

The whimsical boutique boasts women’s designs by the likes of Michael Kors and Free People, and sits around the corner from 310 Rosemont, the higher-end shop Hodges opened in 2011. A staple of the Highlands retail community, 310 Rosemont caters to both men and women, with collections from Billy Reid, Southern Tide and Vince. “Winter Wren is very much a sister store to 310,” says Hodges. “It’s a more accessible offering that fits the neighborhood and fits the times.”

Which is not to say it doesn’t pack a punch. Ask Hodges what inspires the offerings at any of his six stores across the Southeast, and he’ll answer without missing a beat: “Shock and awe.”