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That’s What She Said

Actress, author and comedienne Ali Wentworth shares some of her hilariously random end-of-year thoughts.

Ali Wentworth

From Grindr to Uber 
I’m getting an education on my talk show. Daily Shot With Ali Wentworth started out in my kitchen and was very indie-like, but Yahoo! bought it and now we do it at the studio five days a week. The fun thing about it is that now it’s kind of scaled younger, and it’s a lot more hip. For example, I had this guy on talking about Grindr, which is an app for gay men. It’s basically like calling an Uber car; you just hit your location and it will tell you that 50 feet away from you is a guy who is ready to hook up. Or that there’s another guy half a mile away. It’s just a hook-up thing. I was so fascinated by it. I had so many questions about it that I had this guy on, who is on Grindr all the time, and I asked him, “Explain this to me! How does this work?” I’m obsessed with Uber, so I know what it’s like when there’s a car three minutes away and you see it coming for you. Imagine that same concept, but used for hooking up! There’s a guy one minute away... now he’s 30 seconds away....

We’re getting more into things like that at the Daily Shot. For instance, I had a panel event recently and I asked, “Why do we have to wax our bikini area? Does it really matter to you? Does it matter to you if it’s all off? Come on, we’re hurting ourselves now. What is it that you want?”

You Wanna See Me Really Pissed Off? 
In all of life, what really pisses me off is any kind of abuse. I literally get a physical reaction to spousal abuse, child abuse, animal abuse—any kind of abuse makes me crazy. It makes me want to abuse. That makes me angry. Beyond that, the fact that no one has invented an antiwrinkle cream that really works pisses me off. I feel like, at this point, there should be something out there. I could say global warming pisses me off, but that would be a lie because it doesn’t piss me off. I’m just confused by it. 

This is a cliche, but it pisses me off nonetheless. I don’t understand why my husband, George [Stephanopoulos], can’t lift the toilet seat. I can’t understand why that’s so hard to do. If you’re gonna use it, lift it. You can even leave it, but at 3am, when I go to use the restroom and I sit on a wet toilet seat, it makes me crazy. It makes me livid. It’s a problem and I’ve told him that a million times, but he doesn’t seem to get the memo on it. This makes me crazy.

Toilet Seats Aside... I Love Being At Our Country House in the Hamptons 
For some reason, everyone always says in the summer, “Oh, it’s so great in the summer—I’m just gonna exercise and eat really well and I’ll lose 10 pounds.” I find it the opposite. The summer, to me, is lobster and fried clams and corn dipped in butter—and ice cream. Do it in the winter! But, then again, I do eat ice cream in the winter.