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Thread brings a fashion-forward crowd to Union Market.


Union Market

If Washington adores Union Market—the Northeast outpost for all things artisanal, creative and homegrown—it has absolutely fallen head over high heels for Thread. The quarterly pop-up at Union Market attracts the city’s fashionistas and collectors who crave boutique-quality couture and art from local and global talent. The April fashion fling delivered the crowds again, and photographer Leigh Vogel was there to snap the zeitgeist. “It’s an inspiring setup,” Vogel says about Thread. The photographer—who splits her time between DC and Aspen—says she had the idea for the composition of this photo the second she saw the subject’s shoes. “There was so much movement at the event, and I wanted to capture the fact that fashion was the [central] element,” says Vogel, who used a Nikon D4 with a Nikon 16-35 mm lens. And did the wearer of those fabulous shoes know—ahem—her legs provided a picturesque frame? Absolutely, says Vogel. “She was very comfortable being part of the shot.”