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Scale is a powerful thing. And so is rollerblading underneath one of the most ambitious contemporary art exhibits of the fall.


Corcoran Gallery of Art

Like many disciples of modern art, photographer Kate Warren was thrilled to attend the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s private opening of Mia Feuer’s exhibit, An Unkindness, which focuses on oil’s impact on the planet. Feuer is the first DC-based artist featured during the Corcoran’s Now series. “It’s refreshing to see an artist stand for something she believes in,” says Warren, who used a Nikon D600 with a 24-70 mm lens for the shot. “The skating rink was an incredible way for gallery patrons to interact with the work, breaking the traditional fourth wall of sanctity within an institutional art gallery.” Warren notes she wanted to capture the scale of Feuer’s sculpture and the gathering crowd embracing the artist’s premise. “People were excited by the work,” she says. “Many more than I would have guessed took off their stilettos and strapped on skates!”