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Joyfully Chic
By Becca Hensley | February 3, 2015

Bon vivant Jonathan Adler, known to TV audiences for his hosting duties on Bravo’s Top Design, brings his playful spirit to the...

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Sam He Is
By Adam Pitluk | February 3, 2015

Strange as it might sound, Miami, for all of the international ballyhooing of its real estate market, doesn’t have a television show hyping all things Miami decor. In fact, when realtor and TV personality Sam Azar pulled up stakes in Naples, Fla...

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A Castle of One's Own
By Maile Pingel | February 2, 2015

Haute-Garonne, France
$35 million

Just a 25-minute drive south of Toulouse finds you in the tiny medieval village of Saint-Élix,...

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Ottoman Reverie
By Ayesha Khan | February 2, 2015

From powerful Roman emperors to brilliant 21st century Nobel laureates, great leaders, thinkers and visionaries have called Istanbul home for millennia. Overlooking the ancient yet cosmopolitan metropolis from atop one of the city’s...

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In Her Shoes
By Kara Franker | February 2, 2015

For Aldo Puschendorf, interiors should be about telling a client’s story—excavating as many details as possible from the client’s preferences and imagination, and weaving those daily dreams into the home’s materials and...

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House Warming
By Drew Limsky | February 2, 2015

Valerio Morabito is a man about town in Miami Beach. He’s the developer behind the Beach House 8 project, the luxury boutique property on Collins that sold out in five months, but he carries his success lightly. The Italian transplant...

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Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms
Nila Do Simon | October 15, 2014

Click here to read more about the latest kitchen and bath innovations in our digital...

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Scaled Up
Richard Pérez-Feria | October 13, 2014

What follows is an interior designer’s dream scenario.

“I’ll tell you the absolute truth,” Bruce Paul says of the moment he and his wife, Amy, first saw the results of the complete overhaul that Joseph R. Stabile of J...

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A Delicate Balance
Drew Limsky | October 13, 2014

Every home that Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor design together is really about their marriage.

Case in point: When their client’s biggest concern was finding male-female “balance” in his new apartment—now...

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For Art's Sake
Susan Friedman | October 13, 2014

Personal and visceral, the art that fills the tony 28th-floor Williams Island condo of Susan Seinjet and Dr. Sam Zfaz is reflective of their passionate collection. The couple’s shared fervor permeates the dwelling, where they live...

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Seeing Is Believing
Maile Pingel | October 10, 2014

London, United Kingdom
$20 million

THE LOWDOWN It really doesn’t get better than this. Set in the top two floors of The Heron, the largest residential tower built in...

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